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    serverpronto - nameservers?

    I cant submit more tickets to them. I've already asked them several times but no answer on this one..

    I have bought a new domain from godady and want to point the nameservers to the ones correct for my server.

    (yes I'm a newbie)

    I have just recieved to IP's as nameservers, not or something similiar.

    The ip's I've got is: and

    But they are not allowed to use at

    In WHM "Manage Nameserver IPs"
    It says: - -

    I Need help from someone familiar with serverpronto to help me :-/

    Where should I point my nameservers for my domain(s)?

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    Contact godaddy and ask them how you register nameservers with them. All you do is go to their site, login, and tell it you want and to point to those two IP's as nameservers, then you go to settings and tell it that the nameservers for it to use are and


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    in godaddy making anew nameserver is called "Domain Host Information" it is on the right side after you click a domain, a table or two BELOW the nameservers fields.

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    On dedicated servers you will need to setup your own DNS. No hosting company will provide their DNS free of charge.. I guess.

    Please let me know if you need help setting this up on your server.


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    Like a few others have said: you'll need to setup your OWN nameservers.

    i.e. and
    it is a relatively simple process and if you need some direct help let me know!
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    You will need to contact your registrar to have the nameservers setup - Some registrars have the option on the control panel of your domain to make new nameservers.
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    I found out that DNS is not activated on my server, neither was nameserver options. this was something I had to order. I hope this will work out soon. Its been almost 3 weeks since my purchase :-/

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    You shouldn't have to order it. They generally install webmin on new servers there, so just connect to your primary IP on port 10000 and configure and start BIND. You'll then need to tell your registrar about the new nameservers you've setup.


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