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    as a while I was searching for a dedicated server with JUST windows 2003 standard edition installed and nothing else ( like pannels or other staff) to test betta versions of web applications that I am developing (which one of them is a hosting controler panel itself) and also host my personal web sites.

    Finaly the cheapest I found is a 2.0 celeron with 256 MB DDR ram from nipix at about $60

    but I saw lots of bad reviews about their VPS outage and data lose.

    I need your comments about their dedicated servers.

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    I think you'll be better off picking up a box from Their network isn't all that bad and support is getting better. I really don't know about Dinix other than the horrendous merger.

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    thank U elix I am going to their site now

    any other sugestions ?

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    Are you talking about or nipix? Anyhow, I was with Dinix VPS for a while, and their support has always been great. So based on that, their dedicated should be the same as well. However, I literally had to make a run for it at moving out of Dinix's VPS package ASAP. It was the slowest, most often overloaded peice of server I've ever been with. One moment it's fine, then the next, things would be so slow I probably could take a nap and the page would still be requesting. Each time I emailed support, they took care of the problem, but the problem would soon return. I doubt I'll use Dinix for anything else in the future because of this.

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    I have heared about that, people says that after they joined with web host plus, they are having some problems with VPS but I dont knw about their dedicated servers.

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    neonima, don't go to both dinix and managed! They have very bad support as well as network infrastructure. Search the forum if you don't believe me.

    Dinix is very very poor in customer support. Their 24/7 live-chat is always offline! And an email reply takes about 3 days! Billing service is also bad.

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    any idea where can I find any cheap box running windows 2003 standard edition.

    I dont need any other applications to be installed from them.


    I will manage it by myself.

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    Have you check Windows VPS at yet? Their VPS is a closest alternative to cheap dedicated windows standard edition. Each VPS comes with root access and fully dedicated files storage and access.

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    It saddens me to see Dinix, once a top notch provider gone down hill. I wonder why, where did the people who cares gone to?

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    They sold their business, that's where it went wrong..

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