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    Looking for advertisement space

    I am looking for advertisement spots on sites. I am looking for gaming sites, pc hardware sites and most important pc hardware overclocking site. Must have a PR of atleast 3, but will consider 2s. I would like to start the advertising around the 2nd week of this month. If there is a rotation, no more than 3 other banners. Advertising on forums would be awesome.

    If I am not avaiable at the contact links in my sig, leave a pm with pricing, links, space size etc.

    If I left out anything pm for other details.


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    thanks for all the pms about the post. keep them coming. i am not done yet. pls remember this is for a pc hardware site, honestly i don't think ads on hosts for hosting, programming and etc would do either of us any good.

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    We are selling ads space on

    Price: $50/month
    Banner in rotation: 0
    Max Banners: 10
    Postion: top of every page
    Size: 468x60

    We moved to this new site on July 12, 2005
    Today is July 17, 2005 2:48 AM
    Our old site was which had a very high traffic everyday


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