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    The art of charge

    This is an article I wrotten yesterday. I tought I sent it to forum but not

    Please, share what you think and say me about gramatical errors; sorry for my bad english!

    Web design is not only computers; as music, drawn, writing or sculpture, it's an Art. An artist needs to know, beyond to be the "poetry" that Aristotle said, "the art of charge". It's essential for the artist that wants to do art as a Product – not as any product.

    A good web designer develops his works "avéc élégance", with high class level. Needs to deliver his jobs preferentially before the stated period or at least don´t exceed it. An web designer needs time to chats about the project Any artist have yours limitations, anyone can't produce lot of sites in a small period of time. The mint has to have rest, vacations, and weekends to entertainment. Because of this, you'll, web designer, charge the price your job deserves. However, of course, any aspect can´t be forgotten: the market, for example, has its competition obviously, so compete with professionals, not with neighbors! If you work for any money, sorry to say, you're a prostitute of art.

    If your competition does some work of you for just some bucks, don't follow him – it´s not a good competitor. Think big! Follow what the art requires! If you're really good and is an artist, you simply are not doing the some work of him. There's not intelligence to be paid with 10 bucks while creating a logo. With 10 bucks you can pay not more than a "mechanical donkey", because an artist philosophies about his Product, dates it and thinks about it. Is not so simple as go to Start, Programs, put some text, modern effects, squares, etc. No! No! Patience is necessary for a good poetry, as Drummond says.

    If an artist doesn't charges the price his Product deserves, he can't have patience, because the "pseudo-artist" has a lot of works on his queue. And, if him doesn't fill his live with money, he can't live – live with the minimal food. Therefore, he prostitutes himself when prostitutes his Art – if I can say it's art. And it's just because this one that entitles himself an artist doesn't know the art of charge.

    Or he have all time available and is glad in doing it for you – almost for free.

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    what is "avéc élégance"?

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    thanks alot

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    I'm curious why did you write this article?

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    The world’s top artists, businessman’s, musicians, leaders, inventors, writers were using their infinite intelligence to convert through their creative imagination. No one can pay for their creativity and talents through dollars.

    The finite mind of a man has a direct communication with the infinite intelligence, that's the intellectual property you have, no one can take away from you.

    Still people are there who understand the values of your creativity and paying for that, but even they CAN NOT pay for your creativity, as it's priceless, one can't estimate the actual value of your art.

    The trained monkey who use their synthetic creativity are going only to compromise for their art work for any price.

    But it's true as you're saying that few people who are really creative even though they're not paid for that, they have to compromise as they have to survive, it's really very sad.

    If you want to hug a person to touch your heart, the stomach come between you, what to do.

    Those people who are not paying the reasonable price for the actual art work of an artist, they have heart on their right side.
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