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    Reseller hosting

    Need good resseler hosting to my site can do 20 $

    10 GB space
    100 GB tranfer
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    Re: Reseller hosting

    Originally posted by mikaelweb
    Need good resseler hosting to my site can do 20 $
    I think you ought to do some homework yourself first and narrow down your selection to a potential few. At that stage you can ask for recommendations from the community, instead of taking the (lazy) approach above!

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    Exactly. Everyone has different needs.

    Search for offers from the specials forum and cross reference the offers you like by looking up the hosting companies on WHT and google to see what others have to say about the company.

    It takes some research and a little tenacity to find your perfect host.

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    Ya just do some research using the search button here in the forums, if you ask in the advertising forum you will get some offers but you need to make sure they are a good company.
    Like passive recurring revenue you can retire on?
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    33 is this hosting any good ???
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    Not really heard of pluginspace, try run a search here on WHT

    Good luck!
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    I think you can take a look at the ofers section and see that is the better for you.

    Are you looking for Windows or Linux hosting?

    Portugal Networks
    Shared and Reseller cPanel Accounts. NEW! Windows 2003 with Plesk, ASP.NET 2.0 and MSSQL 2005.

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    I am from PluginSpace.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    10 GB space
    100 GB tranfer
    This for 20 bucks? Geez, servers grow on trees...
    New site:

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    Thats available with us for $40.
    You can contact us at : sales[at]
    for more details, as this is not a place to advertise,
    its just that you asked... we replied here.

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    hm... I think it is very hard to find a reseller plan 10/100Gb with good support and uptime at $20 monthly
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    $20 per month and 10 Gb space/100 Gb datatransfer..... looks like a dream. I am sure if anybuddy provide this then support and server is not there. Thst must be possible only inhouse servers not on good datacenters or hosting providers.

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    But .. $40 Its possible.
    If the sites are not using too much CPU/RAM

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    try great prices and there have been great reviews on WHT.

    good luck

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