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    Webhost Plus aka Dinix

    Well, they just did it to me too. I am not the only one Dinix and WebHost Plus has messed with.

    That dinix fiasco was the start of it all - when they merged with webhost plus! The merger is legendary, a textbook case of what not to do...

    During and after the merger I had weeks of downtime that probably averaged 50%

    Technical support that often took days to respond

    Repeated service screwups

    They lost a 2 gigabyte database which had taken me a year to accumulate the data.

    I finally said, "enough! I have to byte (hehe sic) the bullet and move to another VPS". So I canceled my service with this Dinix / Webhost Plus and spend alot of time signing on with PowerVPS and moving my sites over to the new severs.

    Today I find my credit card has been charged by Dinix - Webhost Plus for another month of service!

    Dinix / Webhost Plus has lost me hundreds of dollars in revenue, position in the search engines (they cannot spider my site when it is down etc), untold hours of work and headache. And now they "forget" and bill me when I am not even renting server space from them anymore.

    Stay away from Dinix. Stay away from WebHost Plus. Rip off artists, very poor service!

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    rfontaine !

    I guess you will see many such stories in coming days similar to yours.

    Buying and Selling of Hosting Companies business is going in wrong direction. I know couple of guys who start a company , get 200 - 300 customers and sell them to big companies for something like $30k or more.

    Start a new company and go back to those customers, get them back and sell that company again

    If this is going to continue then small companies will face many problems as hosting customers will never trust new companies or those who are not there in top 10 list.

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