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    [For Sale] Very clean software design - 75.00.

    I have another layout for sale, just completed minutes ago.

    It was designed as a software retail site, but can easily be used for anything else.

    I will either take bids (starting at 1.00) or sell it for a buy-it-now of 75.00. Just reply here or PM me with offers.

    Comes with the following:

    Completely layered and organized index page .PSD.
    Completely layered and organized inside page .PSD.
    All fonts used
    Full rights

    index page:

    inside page:


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    Full rights, but guaranteed unique? Has the template been sold previously or will it be sold again in the future?

    Thank you.

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    Full rights. Will never be sold again. You have all exclusive rights and can do what you wish with it .

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    So simple and so beautiful, you did a great job with the colors. Worth plenty more than 75.
    Good luck with the sale.
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    Beautiful Template!

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    wow, your selling this way too cheap

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    I love it, great work.
    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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    Great Design. Best of luck.

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    Thanks guys, template is now sold.

    Thanks for all the comments, look forward to another one soon.

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