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    RS Hosting: A Better Approach

    I signed up for a reseller account with approximately 14 months ago. Here are my experiences.

    Server performance is above par. The RS Hosting team has gone out of their way to get premium-grade equipment in a premium-grade facility. Downtime has been almost non-existant and the server I'm on has always been exceptionally fast. It's obvious to me that a lot of effort is placed on keeping the servers tweaked and optimized to ensure the best performance and uptime available in the industry.

    One of the most consistently impressive components of RSHosting has got to be the support. My support tickets have always gone for no more than a few minutes before a response has been posted, and the approach is always very hands-on.

    To me, the plan pricing is fair. I've always believed strongly in the adage that you get what you pay for, and that is definitely true in the case of RS Hosting. I feel that the money I've spent with them has been well spent. Had I gone with another, cheaper provider who's uptime wasn't as good, or whose support wasn't as good - I'd probably question whether or not I was getting my money's worth.

    As a web developer with an active client base, RS Hosting has always been a company that I've looked up to. I've taken cues from watching them run their business on how to run mine, and it has definitely paid off.

    At the end of the day, it's nice not having to worry about whether or not my website (or my client's websites) are accessible, or whether something has gone wrong, as I know that there's a group of people in charge who are just as concerned about that performance and uptime as I am.

    Anywho, I can speak volumes about why I would reccomend RS Hosting for someone looking for a reseller account. Though I definitely cannot think of any reason why I wouldn't.

    Definite thumbs up.

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    Glad to hear such a nice review about RSHosting. Kudos to them!

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    Drivebutton - thankyou for taking the time to share your experiences on our company. It is always invaluable to receive any feedback, and very rewarding when it is positive!

    It is also very good to see more and more of these reviews coming through for us. We have definitely taken the more challenging approach by focusing on quality of service and support, and with a long term investment in our reputation and customer base. It can be difficult trying to compete in a market where 'competition' is made up of hobbyists and those with no long term business aspirations or goals - even more so when the retail price of that market is dragged down to dangerously low and unsustainable levels.

    However as long as there are people willing to share their experiences and write reviews on their hosting providers, then there will also be a way for the more reputable and honest providers to be recognised.

    Thanks again

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