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    Alternative to WebTrends Live?

    We've been using WebTrends Live for our traffic reporting for a few years now, but I think it's time to evaluate alternatives. WTL is getting pricey and we're not too happy with the new "features" of WebTrends On Demand.

    We do really like the Javascript-based system, though, as opposed to a log file analyzer. In my experience, any program that analyzes raw server logs can't do much better than guess at the amount of unique visitors and where they came from.

    We also need the ability to print out the reports (including graphs) in a user-friendly format so we can show them to our clients.

    I've looked at two systems so far, iWebTrack and Urchin. iWebTrack might not have the exporting features we want (at least I couldn't find them in the online demo) and Urchin looks good but maybe too expensive.

    Anyone out there have some good advice on this topic? Any other systems we should be looking at?

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    Urchin On-demand is the way to go. If price is an issue some resellers offer reduced pricing for certain account types. Try

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    We switched from WebTrends just after Urchin 5.0 came out, haven't looked back since....

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    Why is 'on-demand' better than Urchin 5.0?

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    Well 'better' might not be the word of choice. Urchin On-demand is the next iteration of the Urchin product. It has a bunch of new reports, new features such as Goal tracking to measure conversions on your sight and User Defined Segmentation which will allows you define certain user groups to correlate site usage trends for your unique segments. I have heard rumors of Urchin 6 software, which should be very similar to the On-Demand product, but no solid confirmation on the Urchin site yet. The choice between Urchin 5 and Urchin 6 On-Demand really boils down to what you are looking for. The biggest difference is that Urchin 5 is software and Urchin 6 On-Demand is a Hosted solution. They have many of the same features, but do differ in a few categories. They are available for free 15 ( or 30 ( day trials, if you want to check them out first hand.

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