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    Media streaming on website help / info

    ok so I'm making a huge website with a movieclip database. The database will contain video clips varying from 10 seconds up to 30 seconds.

    What is the best server software to use for streaming these clips? I'm still not sure wether I'm going to use a dedicated server for the streaming or not. I'm however going to use the standard windows medial player format or quicktime format or even both.

    Any input from people with prior web media streaming experience is greatly appreciated - or whoever may know of the perfect software for my plans. Does Macromedia have any software for server media streaming? Microsoft?

    What kind of software do sites like VH1, VIVA and MTV use? I can't check because I can't look at their source the cache however the movie clips are saved as .dat files.

    I would also be interested in knowing if it is possible to stream media to end users without having the movie clips end up in their cache. I want to avoid the problem that they can extract the files from their cache and convert it to normal video clips.

    Any help is appreciated Thanks a lot guys..
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