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    comments about

    Just wondering about user comments on We have decided to lease our servers from them and i can say that i ahve had a great expereince with them so far.

    Love to hear everyone elses expereince.


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    Try doing a search of these forums as they have been previously discussed.
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    Liquid Web Excellent, for the most part...

    I haven't chimed in about my experience yet, too late to jump in on other threads, but I may as well add my two cents worth, since you asked.

    When I first signed up, I was blown away by LiquidWeb - I needed ASP on Linux and the guys installed all my extra bells and whistles for nothing, and with a smile. The servers ran really well for months, and I concur with everyone else in saying phone support gets you a quick response, but ticket time for a critical issue - well, I don't send critical issues (services not working) through email or PIMs anymore. On the whole, I would recommend them.

    However - I've had a few problems, nothing I would leave them over. One server has a spamd crashing problem that everyone's been working on for four months, and no one at the NOC seems to be able to get it under control. However, no one else I've talked to or had look at it seems to have the slightest clue, either, so it may just be one of those things. It's been pretty darn frustrating, though.

    One problem's happened one too many times for me to be comfortable, and that's when a server seizes up, more often than not I have to call them and the internal monitoring doesn't appear to pick it up for a few hours. I've woken up at 7 am to find customer's first complaining of sites being unavailable at 2 or 3 in the morning, with no one checking it until I call.

    I'm a small company, and I get managed servers so I can sleep - having people complaining on a chat list is not the most pleasant thing that can happen to me when I first wake up, and it bothers me that these things aren't caught sometimes. There may be others that are caught and I don't see it, so, I dunno.

    On the whole I would recommend them, with an outside monitoring service caveat.

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