I am offering monthly text links at extremely reasonable rates on a few of my sites.

http://www.imagehostingsite.com/ -PR5 Will go just below the google ads. $8 per month. Taking 4 more slots.

http://www.lyricsdatabase.net/ - New site with no PR, but traffic is quite consistent. I just had to upgrade the package I am on for exceeding bandwidth. Will be placed in the box at bottom of every page. $5 per month. 5 slots available.

http://www.usmessageboard.com/forums/ -PR4 Will go on right sidebar under "Board Sponsors". $5 per month. Taking 5 slots.

http://www.xptweaks.com/forums.php? - Not much posting but a lot of traffic from search engines because of the unique name. $5 per month. Taking 5 slots.

Please PM me or email me at stlrsfan(at)optonline.net if interested.

Thank You