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    What do you think about pc to tv converter?

    I was looking at:

    I was woundering if any of you had any of these, and tell me how good they are, i have a 52" tv, and i was woundering about quality, also i have a 35" tv...

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    My father-in-law has one (not sure of the brand), and he loves it. He's a hard man to impress so I think his recommendation goes a long way.
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    Do you know what type he has? Also which has the best display?

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    My uncle has one and its wicked especially for movies and games

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    Unless you have a TV/monitor with a VGA input your results are not going to be so Great.

    US TV"s have a resoltion of about 480 x 440. The average computer user has a normal resolution of 800x600 or 1024x768. The higher the resolution the "smoother" the image and the more details you get.

    You can test it yourself ......... load a game (an older game will prolly work better). And then set the resolution as low as it can go (something under 800x600 and as close as you can get to 480x440).

    Now sit back and imagine that crappy looking screen, but BIGGER.

    I would assume that stuff that normally gets watched on tv would be as good or better than normal. Cable TV compression is evil, so a movie running on a computer playing on a TV might look better.

    However something that normally is 2 to 4 times higher resolution can only look horrible play on a TV.
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    Oh and back in the day I used to hook up mortal combat to a 24' Video projector. That was pretty nice, but it was in its native resolution. And before video games looked like they do now.

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    For web, email, word processing, desktop usage, etc the quality will be horrible and practically unusable.

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    I paid $95 for this converter from Radioshack. I needed it to convert my mom's Powerpoint presentation into a VHS.

    I used it on my 32" television. Everything is blurry, especially text. Text is not readable unless it is very large. But the average text, like the size of the text on this forum, is impossible to read. Movies and pictures look surprisingly good though, so it's perfect for por... uh, portable computer pictures. Yeah, Dell has some nice laptops, woo boy.

    The reason is because televisions have a much lower resolution, like another poster already mentioned.

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    I would go with the cheapest one which is 23.50 $ after mail in rebate.
    That is because I don't know if the converter would work that well...because if the $95 one doesn't work that well...then it wouldn't be worth my money. There have got to be some good converter out there that work well..

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    i honestly had something similar to this setup at one point and time and didnt like it. The resalution on it sucked big time.

    - James

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    Hmm, i just looked at one of the posts, and i went to a site, and saw a link to another product:

    I have dvi-hdtv, 52" i dont know if that would work, but what is vga? What does the cables/connectors look like? Is there a converter for that if it wont work?...

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    It appears to be a VGA to Component adaptor that complys with the HD-tv spec.

    Without getting into alot of detail here it does this. It will take the monitor output on your computer and convert it to the RGB 3-wire system to be plugged into a HD-TV.

    A few things to remember here.......

    VGA is Blue, if the monitor output on your computer is white that is DVI and not what you are looking for.

    HD is a better format than a regular old Tv, however compared to a Computer its still not that great.

    Any "real" TV / monitor will have a VGA or DVI connector on it to begin with. If it doesnt I think its prolly a waste of time and money.

    At 52" I think its going to look really bad unless you are 20' away.

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    Lol thx for the info, i hope that hd is going to be used by computers and all moniters/tvs are going to have it/require it and the quality will be excellent soon i hope..

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