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    Question [high bandwidth] What hosting you recomend?

    Firstly excuse me for my mistakes in english

    I am looking for a cheap but reliable hosting for my site. As for now it`s mainly a forum but in the future it will grow and have greater needs.

    As for now I would need:
    - 2-3GB of disk space
    - min. 80GB of bandwidth since forum can use up to 2,5GB per day.

    I have had search this board and many others and I`m a bit confused because as I have found many hosts that would fit my needs like powweb or servage there is something in my mind that is saying to me.. where`s the catch?

    servage look`s very good as for space, bandwidth and price but my lately concern is about their backup system since as I have contacted with the staff they/he answer me that I can make backups on my own but there`s no system that would help me do it like the one built-in cpanel.

    I know that with my bandwidth needs the best option would be some VPS or dedicated server but I don`t have that kind of money :/

    To make it clear.. My forum/site is not an adult or gambling one since that kind of services mainly are using so much bandwidth. It`s about motorola mobile phones.

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    Use adsense to make the forum pay for itself, and put it on a nice VPS, because it will brutalize shared hosting if it is phpbb2, vb3, etc.
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    Keep your eyes open for a special offer, perhaps for a discounted shared/reseller account, instead of a dedicated/VPS.

    Best of luck, and keep in mind, the servers will have to be able to handle the forum, if it's processor intensive. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    I would tend to think you may need at least a VPS, because those forums can be resource intensive, especially vBulletin. Which forum software is it that you're using?
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    Re: [high bandwidth] What hosting you recomend?

    Originally posted by MaTraXnet

    I am looking for a cheap but reliable hosting for my site.

    MaTraXnet, "cheap and reliable" is a contradiction in terms when it comes to web hosting.

    Why not look for a "good value" provider instead.

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    I am using vBulletin. Now I know that you may say that the script alone cost me some ammount of moey but it was bought from the cash donated by my users and still in Polish currency it wasn`t easy to collect enough for the good forum script since phpBB is not too secure and I was having trial version of Invision but when it become pay only script we all decide to gather money for vB

    Now as for "cheap and reliable".. I know that if something is cheap it most common can`t be reliable and if the service is reliable it`s not cheap. But I have to cope with my founds and they are not too impressive.

    Best would be to find someone to sponsor maybe vps or even dedicated server in exchange for neverending advertise campaign but I know it`s rather impossible so that`s why I try to find some cheap but still (as for cheap one) reliable hosting.

    One of the choices I have now are:
    - netfirms
    - servage
    - powweb

    If you know these mentioned above - how they are working.. if their service is stable etc. Please post your comments. I know that there is a search option and believe me - I have used it before even registering an account.. Every hosting I have found I was checking here to read some opinons and for example I know that canaca isn`t worth considering but still some of you know english better and know better hosting market and maybe you can give me an advice or link to some good hosting.

    Thank you

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    What is your budget? How many online visitors do you have in average?

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    In this moment I have about 120$ from donations (and about 90$ on the adsense account) so as you see I may take under sonsideration only cheap hosting options like servage etc.
    I know it may seem funny for some of you but take into consideration that users are donating the service in Polish currency where 1$ = about 3,5PLN

    Average is 100-130 visitors online ( in the moment I`m writing this post there is precisely 82 of them online - )

    Now the site is online on an account in exchange for inserting a pop-up window but still I prefer to be on my own.
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    I suggest you strike Powweb from your list as they are know for cutting sites off when they reach 5GB in any 24 hour period. I'm also unclear as to how much you can afford monthly? How long did it take you to raise the $210.00??

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    MaTraXnet, "cheap and reliable" is a contradiction in terms when it comes to web hosting.
    Exactly. Like "Swiss Cheese"

    I suggest powervps

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    Well, I don't know how much $50/month is in Polish currency, but that is what a managed VPS costs at InMotion Hosting. I have had only good experiences with them myself (although I don't have any account with them at the present time). Also, they have a good customer satisfaction record.
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    for 80 gigs a month a vps may suit you well
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    100gb a month B/W and 1gb storage

    $10 a month!!

    been with them over a year now and am really, really happy with their service

    I use upwards of 80gb a month b/w myself and never really notice any slowdown with any of my pages

    definately worth a look IMO

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    I would recommend getting a VPS solution or a dedicated server, that's a huge amount of visitor for a shared environment.

    Try or

    You can display ads on the forums (such as google adsense) to help pay for the server.

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