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  1. If you own or offer Cpanel servers, You NEED to check this out

    Cpanel XP 2004 CPanelAPP

    Cpanel XP might just be the only Cpanel add-on you will ever need. This is not your usual Cpanel Skin, Packed with User friendly interface and powerful features, you can easily impress potential Web Hosting customers. This hosting market is saturated. When thousands of webhosts out there are offering the default skin, you can differentiate yourself and make the decision for potential customers an easy one. With Cpanel XP they are going to choose you! Why make it hard for them and yourself?

    Features in brief:

    CpanelAPP (bundled with Cpanel XP) NEW!!
    CpanelAPP is the new revolutionary tool for Cpanel hosting .CpanelAPP allows you to add many functions to Cpanel. Server owners love it, resellers can't do without it!

    Cpanel | With CpanelAPP
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Build a menu in Cpanel skin
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Adding custom pages
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Ability to specify default language.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Reseller Upload logo from Cpanel XP.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Features control by package.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Features control for specific user.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]One click Modernbill Integration for Root & Reseller.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]TOTAL Main Menu customization. You can rearrange,hide, unhide menu items and the menu sections using powerful scripting.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]TOTAL Main Menu customization for each user. You can customize the main menu for each users.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Use your own Images for menu that you built
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Custom msg for disabled items
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Set default welcome msg to have a msg in customer's inbox upon FIRST LOGIN.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Send a PM to specific user's Cpanel main page.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Smarter Popup Once Windows manager with more options for complete customization (URL, expiry,window height, window width,location bar,menubar, status bar etc )
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Dynamic Package Synchronization.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Unlimited personal notes. You can create as many personal notes as possible.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]One click WHOISCart Integration for Root & Reseller.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]One click LPanel Integration for Root & Reseller.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]One click WHM AutoPilot Integration for Root & Reseller.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]One click ClientEXEC Integration for Root & Reseller.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]One click Fantastico Integration for Root.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Feature control setting cloning ( Package-to-package ).
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Feature control setting cloning ( Package-to-user ).
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Feature control setting cloning ( User-to-user ).
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Feature control setting cloning ( User-to-package ).
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Root & reseller level tutorial integration into skin.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]New smarter reseller restriction manager for point and click reseller restriction (normal restriction).
    [__N__] | [__Y__]New smarter reseller restriction manager for point and click reseller restriction (exclusive restriction).
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Tooltips in Cpanel to help Cpanel beginners
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Disable tooltips option.
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Two-way Theme changing to X skin
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Public webalizer to make webalizer available for public view
    [__N__] | [__Y__]Disable Public webalizer

    User Friendly Interface

    Feature Enabled - Your reseller can turn features on and off via WebHost Manager

    Degrades with Grace - You will not see an ugly hollow like the default skin when a feature is disabled

    Multilingual - 15 Languages at the time of writing.

    Current Languages:
    1. Dutch
    2. English
    3. French
    4. Indonesian
    5. Italian
    6. Portuguese
    7. Russian
    8. Spanish(Latin America),
    9. Spanish(European Espana)
    10.Brazillian Portuguese
    11.Chinese (Traditional)

    Very Customizable - We will be adding guides and plugin mods to the Resources & Mods section to you can further customize your Cpanel skin.

    Language Aware - You can add your own language to the skin.

    Easy Installation - You don't have to be a rocket scientist to install Cpanel XP 2004.

    Supports Fantastico & Source Matrix - Cpanel XP autodetects Fantastico & Source Matrix Scripts installers click here for the screenshot.

    Flash Tutorials - Flash tutorials will be added every now and then. Go to the Resources & Mods page to view the available ones right now.

    Easy migration from other cpanel skins - Migrating many accounts to Cpanel XP 2004? Our cpanel theme migration script will take care of that so you don't have to do it manually.

    Theme Changer - For the first time ever, end users who had no access to Webhost Manager can choose their own theme (x skin, x2 skin, bluelagoon,etc) instead of relying on you and your resellers, freeing up time for tech support request due to theme changing.

    Click here to see the video of this REVOLUTIONARY feature.

    Click here to see Cpanel XP 2004 in action (VIDEO)

    Here is why you should offer Cpanel XP:

    Differentiate yourself - Thousands of webhosts out there are offering the default cpanel skin. If everyone is offering the same product what makes people want to buy from you?Why get lost in the crowd when you can stand out?Your company will present itself as an established company with Cpanel XP 2004. Get Cpanel XP 2004 and see your signup rate skyrocket!

    Increase your market share - Don't limit your client base to only English speaking customers. With our Multilingual cpanel skin, you can acquire customers from various different countries. Imagine having additional customers from Brazil, Italy, Portual, Indonesia, Malaysia, France and Russia, etc...

    Alleviate Customer Support Burden - More than 50% of the customer support questions can be avoided. Our Multilingual Flash tutorials will show your customers how to accomplish tasks visually.

    Security - Features such as SSH/Telnet can be turned off to avoid pranks and activities that can harm your server. Avoid other Cpanel skins out there that has no Feature Manager support !

    BUY : $97
    LEASE : $7/mth lease
    100 servers LEASE : $2.00/mth/server
    300 servers LEASE : $1.50/mth/server
    Click here to purchase
    What you can do with Cpanel ------------------> |||||
    What you can do with Cpanel XP+CpanelAPP -------> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    Your competitors are cashing in with Cpanel XP & CpanelAPP, are you?

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    at valvehosting we have recently upgraded our cpanel to cpanelXP I have to say its worth it.

    The client response is positive and the $25 paid for the install worth the money.

    Now I just hope they reply to my billing part question, other then that good choice for anyone. Rather then the $99 a year for rvskinds this company allows for lease on $7 a month.. rvskins is nuts not to offer a similar service.


  3. Thank you for your kind words , Sir.

    AFAIK,I have 2 tickets in my helpdesk tt were opened by you.
    I didn't see anything about billing mentioned in both.

    If you can resubmit your issue, I will fix it ASAP.
    What you can do with Cpanel ------------------> |||||
    What you can do with Cpanel XP+CpanelAPP -------> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    Your competitors are cashing in with Cpanel XP & CpanelAPP, are you?

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