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    Can Kayako eSupport Do This?


    I am trying to decide between Kayako eSupport and SuportTrio, both seem pretty identical, but Kayako seems to have more features, and is well known here, however support trio seems to have a really nice system like kayako but for less $$$

    There is a feature with SupportTrio that I am really interested in and was wondering if Kayako can do this...

    --- Email to Email Capabilities
    Our advanced Email Parsing system allows your clients to submit tickets via email. The email is read into SupportTrio and dynamically traced to the correct department or personnel. The system will then create a ticket, and send the appropriate information to the users either subscribed to a certain ticket, or to the users who are assigned departments, letting them know through email that a ticket has been submitted, or responded to. The support staff then has the capability to either link to the ticket within the support center, or respond to the email which is then parsed back through SupportTrio, and sent to the user as a response. All of the activity on the ticket is recorded within the system.

    --- Email to Email Attachments
    If either party attaches files to their emails that they send using the email to email capabilities, SupportTrio will detect and attach these files to the ticket online for you.

    Can Kayako have both of these features?


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    Yes it does both of these.
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    Thank You!

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    And does it very well too.
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  5. I dont think that Kayako is capable of doing that. Not the curent version at least.
    Another one you can check out is
    It has way more features than supporttrio and most of the helpdesks out there.
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    I have beta tested V3 of eSupport, and i can confrim that these features are included.

    Cant wait for the full public release.


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    Yep, Kayako's Esupport offers both of these features. I have nothing but good things to say about esupport, I use it, and have had no problems. Then again, I haven't had the chance to experiment much with SupportTrio, but couldn't think of anything that Esupport doesn't offer that I would want or could find useful when helping customers.

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    Originally posted by [email protected]
    I dont think that Kayako is capable of doing that. Not the curent version at least.
    The current version does both those things.
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