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    * Guys I Neeeeeed Hellllp

    guys i have a server that host a big website,
    my problem is that the server is working 100% and the load is more than fine , but when i try to open the websites ,it doesn't open.
    can you help me guys >??


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    what is the error you are getting when you open it?

    Do you use Cpanel? Does your DNS/Named is running?
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    Also check if you are not being hit by some kind of DDOS.


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    Check whether apache and named are running.

    It will be good if you mention the error you receive on accessing the sites.

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    Get a system admin our a company that will managed your server for you (build-in,add-on our 3rdparty).

    This is my best advise to you.

    I can recomend

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    Aside from all of the other great recommendations above, I'd also suggest confirming that Apache is running fine. There could be a fault vhost contained inside the httpd.conf file that is causing Apache to fail upon restart/start.

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    We'd like to help, but the information you've provided is so vague as to be useless. What do you mean, "when I try to open the website it doesn't open"? That could mean any of about a hundred things!

    For instance, is there an error message? Does it just sit there and timeout? What do the access_log and error_log say? Can you access other sites on the system? Can you access both older and newer sites than the problem site? What do you mean by "the load is 100% fine"? All these are required to be able to give you a meaningful answer.

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