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    bandwidth graphs blank

    I just noticed today when I went to Cpanel > Web/FTP Statistics > Bandwidth the graphs for "Traffic for Today" and "Traffic for 2005" graphs are blank Check the attached a screecap.This affected ALL my domains on the server. The numbers and bandwidth usage underneath shows find though, just the graphs have the problem.

    Anyone have a clue? It was all fine a month or two ago. I hope it could be recovered. Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe check that rrdtool is ok for cpanel? I would try doing a upcp --force to see if that would reinstall rrdtool and possibly solve the problem. I believe that cpanel uses rrdtool to draw all of those graphs.
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    i have a question with those graphs too
    how accurate are the bandwidth charts for Mbits/s transfer over the day and is there a way to update and or save those graphs with a script?

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    You could write a script to download the static image file, since the images are updated on intervals...

    Then insert that download script into the CRON in order to repeatedly save the image files.

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