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Thread: Server Specs

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    Server Specs

    I'm thinking about buying a server, about how good would the specs need to be for webhosting?

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    And, what are some reputable companies?

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    It depends on what you're looking for. If you only need a few web sites, an AMD Duron 1.8, AMD Athlon 2000, or Intel Celeron 2.0 is fine. If you're going to be putting a lot more sites on there, you may consider an AMD Sempron 2400 or higher, or even the 3000+ or higher. (If you want Intel you could try the P4 2.4 or even Xeon 2.0 or higher). 512 MB RAM is the minimum, 1 GB is reccomended (again depending on the number of sites). Take a look at the dedicated and colo hosting offers for a view of some providers and their offers. Best of luck.

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    Are you the ex-HomeLAN [HF]Invictus?
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    Also it depends on WHAT you are hosting, database driven sites use a lot more processing power than static pages.
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    you need at least a quad xeon, if not an 8 way, 2.8Ghz, 16 gigs of ram and a raid 0+1 setup with 146gig scsi 10k hard drives.

    This should allow you to run Windows 3.11 for workgroups. If you want to run Windows 95 or 2000 Server, you'll need to load balance 2 or 3 of these boxes.

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