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    SuperMicro 1U server


    I have a SuperMicro, 1U chasis that I would like to use with a P4 processor and if possible 2 discs.

    Could anyone tell me which components could be bought to use this chasis? What motherboard, memory, HDD?


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    Does anyone have a recommendation of a specific Supermicro distributor?
    Because packets were meant to be delivered.
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    Looks to me that the 512c only has room for one HDD but you might be able to pull the FDD and put a hard drive the to get 2 HDD's in case. I will see what I can find for you.


    I have guys I do business with for years that deal in many items but I'm not sure the can compete on parts I know they can beat alot of deals when it comes to full units because they only charge a low flat fee for labor and really no mark up on parts.

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    SUPERMICRO MBD-P4SCi-O Socket 478 Intel E7210 ATX Server Motherboard

    intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 800MHz FSB 1MB L2 Cache Socket 478 Processor - Retail

    Dynatron P4 478 Up ~3.2GHz Low-Profile 1U D32-180 Degree Blower CPU Fan

    Hard drive you can use about any you want from IDE or SATA . There are a ton more you can use to it just comes down to what you want to spend is all. It would take me a long time to list them all.

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    Newegg ...

    Zipzoomfly ... (terrible credit card policy)
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    RMA is not great either. Some boards after 30 days you have to send to manufactor.

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