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    Learning how to Design Layouts...


    Could someone please point me in the direction of a site that will teach me the basics of layouts. A full tutorial rather than the small things that you get on tutorialized and good-tutorials. Preferably for Photoshop 7 use.

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    Yeah I would certanily go with photoshop tutorials first and learning css in your case.
    I like this site :

    it is simple but yet powerfull

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    Thanks for the reply. I am going to start to learn CSS soon and began to learn a small bit. I will have a look through that link Thanks.

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    i think some of the best things to do are go and just spend a couple of hours here and there looking at websites and nothing else. go to places like and (site of the week) and find out what makes those sites work. find out what you could do better. discover things you would have never thought of.

    also, i would, as the other guys said, study css and xhtml. a great place to do that is and if you're interested in flash technology, i would look into that too.

    another thing you need to ask yourself is "what medium and i trying to reach with this design?" if you were building a site for the corporate world, you wouldn't make this really entertaining website full of dazzle, just as you wouldn't build a boring corporate site for a band or whatever.

    good luck on your journey to become an aspiring artist. and welcome to the world of design! if you need anything, help, questions answered, vent in frustration, critiques, whatever you need, feel free to ask.

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    Firstly, learn the program. It's pointless trying to make a layout or graphic if you don't know the program in and out, you'll just stress yourself out and end up shouting at your computer screen - We've all been there.

    If you don't already know the tools, you can learn from a book or e-book, they're not very expensive. Infact I have a Photoshop 7 one ..

    If you do know the tools, then I suggest practicing first of all. if you know the tools and are finding it hard to come up with layouts, you need to break what we call the 'creative barrier'. I've had this problem in the past but I can't be moddest, my newer work is pretty damned sweet.

    Learn HTML and CSS, then move on to HTML Strict and XHTML 1.0 (I suggest leaving XHTML 1.1 etc. Alone for the time being). (X)HTML and CSS I find are the basis to all good looking websites. It's not just about some fancy graphics, sliced and thrown into a page, good websites/designs/layouts have a lot more depth than that.

    I'm actually working on a site that will adhere to WCAG Level AAA compliance, it will take a while but if you're still around (On WHT) I can share the source files with you.

    Oh and if you want that book, PM me, I don't need it anymore
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    Thanks for the comments and advice people Equentity - Pauly I have sent a PM about the book. I find the "in easy steps" range easy to learn from as they give everything in a clear and consise format although they don't go into advanced techniques.

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    Good Luck, try

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