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    TV Guide Program

    Hello, Im a staff member at, and we are currently looking for a developer to make a TV Guide program that displays all the currently streaming shows, the amount of used slots and total slots, and the option to double click on a stream and have it open in WinAmp to stream. Also, the ability to add streams to a favorites section would also be helpful. More details that I cannot disclose here. Please PM me for more details.

    Payment will be free lifetime membership to the site, currently streaming 41 shows and more comming by the end of the month. Payment can also be made by PayPal (not much) if requested.

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    Update: found someone. Please still PM me, not sure if the current person will complete the job.

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    I am just curious if this is completely legal?

    Many of the shows are/were originally aired on the big-3 networks, which have strict restrictions on rebroadcasting and hosting episodes?

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