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    Moving site, need suggestions for new host


    I am co-creator of a Harry Potter site that is currently hosted by IPower. After numerous slowdowns, MySQL errors (on their part), and lack of support, I've decided to move my hosting after the current hosting package expires.

    Does anyone know of any hosts that provide the following at a reasonable price?

    At least 3 MySQL databases
    Enough bandwith for a high-volume phpBB forum
    Email addresses (high numbers not needed, just 50 or so)
    Good support
    FTP access (So I can upload files)
    And at least 500 mb of disk space

    Thank you for the help.

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    Most hosts would be glad to provide this for you.

    Just look around or maybe try the Host Quote feature.
    Because packets were meant to be delivered.
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    When you say "high-volume phpBB", how many visitors exactly online at one time is that?

    That could be the only issue with finding a web host; most web hosting companies will suspend you if they believe that your website is not suitable for a shared environment.

    I would recommend contacting any web host before signing up. Tell them exactly how many visitors you have on your forums at once, and they will let you know if they will be able to host you without any problems.

    Hope that will help you choose a better host, and best of luck with your search

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    We were with Hostway for a long time, and we were extremely pleased with their services and support. You might check them out

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    I would try with thehostingchart where you have top 10 providers.

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    what kind of mysql errors were they?

    too many connections?

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    Sometimes, yes.

    Ok, thank you, I'll look into some of those options (Except the one that costs 1.00 per month, I have American money only... lol)

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    I have all my hosting with Corey on here actually ssjdel. He does not advertise on here because his prices are more than a few dollars a month. Great uptime and always goes above and beyond when needed.

    Otherwise check out Hostway. I know that was the company he was using before and we were on there as well with him. No problems to report with them either.

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    I have used JodoHost and was very satisfied.

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    I can from personal experience recommend Micfo, DreamHost, and Site5.
    They also have good customer-satisfaction records according to my research (which is why I signed up with them).
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