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    Turn-key PHP Scripts - Advertiser Needed

    I have 3 scripts currently:

    Paypal Download Manager
    Recipricol Link Directory
    Newsletter / Mail List

    I am looking for somemone to promote these and get them a little more exposure. Have them listed in some script directory websites, or similar type of exposure.

    If you can do this cheaply, then please post your price here as a reply and I will contact you.
    Adrian K. - Turnkey PHP Scripts with PayPal IPN

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    i'll recommend them for free if they are easy to put templates on, cause those turnkey sites i've seen are a piece of ****

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    If you could let me know what is the easiest way for you to work with templates, then I could re-program the scripts to be template frlendly. As I am always looking for ways to improve them.
    Adrian K. - Turnkey PHP Scripts with PayPal IPN

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    I assume you have done the usual hotscripts, tucows etc?

    You may want to place to put it into real world use. Some places I visit when I see their script link at the bottom and it really works is what makes me want to use it.
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