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    Thumbs down Serverpronto - A true nightmare

    I'm really starting to get pissed off.

    If you take a look at , the prices, and infomation sounds very intriguing. But when you actually place an order the hell begins.

    I have left several tickets regarding several problems. First of all I never recieved any account information. I ordered also a cPanel/WHM control Panel, none of these were correct setup, and there were license errors the moment I stepped into the cPanel and WHM area. And I have no idea how I can fix it (since the support team witch states that they are available 24/7, uses a day to answer my tickets, with a non-sensical reply)

    Yesterday I filed a refund request. But this was the answer I got back.

    If you have had issues with the server, then our technical support can help you with the problwm. Otherwise, if you would like to cancel, we have listed our terms for you below.

    Account Cancellation:

    Requests for canceling accounts may be made in writing with at least 30 days notice but not more than 60 days prior written notice and sent to

    2400 E. Las Olas Blvd.
    Suite 268
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    You may also fax your request to:


    You must have all account information to cancel

    ServerPronto Support
    So now I have spent nearly $200 on a thing i do not have access to, get no technical support on, and have after their opinion no right to a refund, and cannot cancel the subscription without sending a written confirmation 30 days prior (!!)

    Now I wonder what will happen if I cancel the subscription myself through Paypal...


    If someone would like to help me fixing this and get it up and runing for me I would be extremely extremely happy! Since I guess I never will get a refund :-/
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    It's the old adage we all follow but rarely think about:
    "You get what you pay for."

    EDIT: I take it you bought the Pro Power package... I think it's worth noting that you'll never get the 800GB of transfer that SP advertises.
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    Thanks FlashwireGroup, that did not exactly calm me down

    But if anyone could please help me I would be extemely grateful. I'm new to unmanaged servers and really could need a helping hand. :-/

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    Originally posted by rand
    But if anyone could please help me I would be extemely grateful. I'm new to unmanaged servers and really could need a helping hand. :-/
    Once you can use your pm, contact me via PM and I will help you out.

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    Thank you! I'm currently reinstalling cPanel, and it looks kinda "under control" until now. (using Putty, and the cPanel manual )

    Edit: My MSN is jcrand at

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    i got a server worked great for 2 weeks, they have just replaced a power supply after it kept turning off, within 1 -2 hours it was all backup, pretty good for 30$ i thought. Few days now and no probs.

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    Seems better now, they have fixed my issue, but I still have some problems.

    anunnaki: Please take a look at "Servpronto - Nameservers". maybe you can help me?

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    Im using webmin myself and my nameservers i use a redirect service sofar, havnt moved them on, i have setup 8 sites and mysql and sendmail ect.

    What is it you are asking about nameservers?

    I use and point it to the ip.

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    I see, you wanted me to look at the other post, not sure, but it would be like any other server i guess, try sitelutions until you work it out.

    This was in my welcome email, but have not even turned on my dns server yet.

    Your Server makes DNS queries to
    (This DNS server does not host your domains DNS information)

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    I just wonder where I should point my domain : , since (and other domain-registrars I use ) does not allow IP addresses to be nameservers.

    I use WHM, and dont quite understand what I shall do with the
    "change hostname" thingy, now it says

    I dont know if I can change it, or what will happen if I do.

    I also wonder why it says:
    "Found your hostname to be:
    Found your short hostname to be: sp2829
    Found your domain name to be:
    Found your main ip to be:
    If this looks correct,

    Add entry"

    And when I do it says that it's not correct or something.

    My first goal is to make sure that my server is called , and get it up and running.

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    If you change it nothing will happen, unless cpanel needs it wich i dont know.

    You can change the name/host of your computer in the /etc/hosts file to the name from
    Easily enough.

    I have not worked out/tried what you are asking yet, my nameservers are all ect upto 5, then i can move to any server within 1 minute.

    I know i need a couple more ips if i want to try dns. But i have been busy installing updated stuff on a redhat9 server.
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    ahh.. sitesolutions worked out my problem for now! thanks for the tip!

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    See, they are pretty good for unmanaged

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    an easy way to upgrade redhat9 from rpm if anyone ever finds this or knows a better way let me know, you cant use GD2 on the basic install, it only has rpm's for redhat for php 4.2 not 4.3

    I would maybe try fedora if i bought again.

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    Yes if you like RH9 no doubt in my mind would I stick with RH( and I would go with Fedora.

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