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    Great Advertising Spot! Link or Banner Available. Grab it quick!

    With almost 16,000 members, we provide a community forum board where user's, specifically those involved with the sport of paintball, can post videos and images of their tournaments, markers, and what not.
    We also have non-paintball related forum categories including Entertainment, Geek Help, and General Discussion; all just as active as the paintball categories.

    We're a clean site, no porn. Swear filters are on. We have a good rep in the paintball community.
    Ages 10-30 are active on the forums.

    We are listed on's paintball seciton. Which is ranked first with google if you enter 'free paintball videos'.

    We receive over 1,000,000 (one million) hits a day.

    40,000+ unique visitors a month.

    We've just reaced our 1 year anniversary.

    I am offering a advertising spot on the forums. Your link or banner will replace the "Get a FREE Digital Camera or $325" in between the forum categories.

    A great way to get your name out there.
    On average, about 1,000 unique people visit the forums a day.

    For a Text Link
    1 Text link = $20 / month
    Bold = add $3
    Colored = add $5

    For a Banner Link
    $50 / month

    Paypal is preferred. I'm a verified business member.

    Feel free to reply here or email me for more stats at admin[at]

    Thank you
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