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    Review on Domain name Portal

    waiting comments..


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    I'm not much help, but it is Interesting and different!
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    Let's see...

    1. I think the background is a bit too much. In fact, it's not that the background is horrible, but when you are staring at the white in the middle, that background starts to bug my eyes.

    2. The grey images set as a background behind the links at the bottom could be faded a bit. While the links can be read, in some places it's not as easy as others.

    3. I'm not sure if you were trying to fill space, or if you just wanted it this way, but you have the domain shown twice right noext to each other (one is "Domain Name City: and then next to it with the www and under that. It makes me wonder why this was done - was there some purpose --- in fact, I looked at it for longer to see if perhaps they were two different domain names that simply looked similar. I guess what I'm getting at is that the "header" could use some cleaning and that I don't think the domain name needs to be there twice.

    Think about possibly coming up with some slogan/catch phrase for the header if you need to fill space. You really have a good opportunity there because... what is 20681? what is that number? you could use a slogan to clarify (and then the other "number" domain links at the bottom of the site might make sense as well).

    4. The "Free Counter" link is sitting on top of the pen image and can not be read as it's a dark grey and the pen is black. Try a white there maybe, and perhaps bold it? I don't know. Also, see number 6 below.

    5. No consistancy. All of the pages I follow have different colors/layouts etc -- the only thing consistent is the banenr ad at the top of each page (and as such is the only thing letting me know I haven't left the site, besides looking at the domain name). Perhaps use the orange circles background on those pages as well, with the same white content area in the middle.

    6. Hit Counters. Hit counters are useless in my opinion. Even if you had 1 million hits a day, what does that do for you (you in general, as in those people who use them). I think stat tracking can be important, bit hit counters are not. In most cases, you (thoe using hit counters) will be registering most of your hits as we all visit our own sites more than most people.

    I could go on further by getting into the other pages, but it would take too much time - as I said above, I think you need to make them consistent with the home page so 1) people know that they haven't left the site, and 2) it's much more professional and easier to work on/correct/update, etc.

    Good luck


    I'm guessing the numbers are zip codes, but who knows.
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    Thank you for comments

    i know that i must change something at design. but first of all, i wanted to make a " subject " and some " real visitors " . so then i can make a good design. you are right ! imust change it ( colurs, background etc. )

    20681 : is my wife's birthday 20.06.1981
    so i prefer this domain
    Life is interesting

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    I see, good stuff!

    When you get around to some changes (whatever those end up being) post it here again
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    is this a domain name temp-page?
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    yes its a template

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