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    Two Lunarpage questions

    I asked them about their uptime reports and received this reply
    "We do not have the uptime reports available. Our uptime tends to be 99.9%. That is a target we shoot for and usually stay pretty close to over the period of a year."

    Has anyone monitored their uptime? If so id like to see what you found.

    Is anyone hosting a business site with them? Bad idea?

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    hi, cruzbullit

    Im sure you will find someone here with that info on thee uptime as
    Lunarpage is kind of popular arround. Have you did a search on Lunarpage?

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    It will be very easy to say "bad words" about such answer. However they seem to be reputable hosting company and I'm sure that you can find many people who are familiar with their service as well as their uptime. If you ask me I can not say it is a risky business to host with them.

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    Thanks for the info.
    I've done a lot of research on them, here and else where, most of it is very positive.

    Just researching it alittle more.

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    I was not happy with LP personally so I cannot recommend them. (You can do a search for my post regarding my experiences with them). I can say that the downtime that I experienced when I was with them was not necessarily of their doing, but due to a unforseen problem with migrating to a new storage system that just didn't work.

    The last straw for me was when my email (and the email for the entire server affecting all accounts in at least some way, and some more than others) was completely and totally unaccessible for at least two days, with lost emails, and less than supportive support.

    Some people love LP. Some people really think they are horrible. Their uptime was reliable when I was with them, but their support was severely lacking.

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    Lunarpages' uptime has always seemed fine for me. But I have completely different reasons for not using them any more.

    In June 2004 they added something called suPHP to their servers, which is supposed to be a security feature. Makes it so you don't have to chmod 777 any directory where you want to do uploads. But it also broke the shared SSL and made it impossible to test a site without transferring the domain name first (a big no-no in my business). They didn't seem to care that they had broken one of our sites (that used shared SSL) during its busiest time of the year. We had to do an emergency move of the site to another host. Haven't bought any new service from Lunarpages since.

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    Also, Lunar Pages doesn't allow these scripts on their servers -

    # Invision Board
    # IkonBoard
    # MT Comments
    # FormMail
    # Yabb (YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.4 is allowed)
    # vBulletin Board

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