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    About web hosting reviewers

    they are a complete joke, I made a search on google, I was trying to find serious ones to send them negative reviews about Hostik.

    What I found? all of them rate Ipowerweb in the top 5 at least

    They definitely get paid to rate a host company and I guess many people fall for it.

    It's kind of the same thing that happened when Yahoo had paid result search positions, you wouldn't get the best matches but the ones of those who paid for it. Fortunately Google came along to change things.

    Hopefully people will trust more place like this, with honest and unbiassed reviews than those wannabe reviewers

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    I agree Ricardob

    I notice the same thing with those sites that review host companys, it has to be paid advertising. And I tell you this it is not just for hosting companies, theres a review site like that for every market out there.

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    WHT / Forum2 = all you need to find out about many companies.

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