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    Review my new forums!

    What do you think of the design, any bugs you see?

    A few icons, buttons etc need adding and the statistics on the front page so don't comment on them please.

    The forum is loosely based around Greek Mythology.

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    1. While I myself don't care if websites scale 100% in width, I do prefer that forums do - and I think there are a number of others who do as well - that might be something to consider.

    2. I like the "Hydra Cave" name and logo, as well as the medusa icon - but aside from those two, there's not much else about the forums that adheres to a greek theme - including the colors (and like I said, I like the colors - I'm just not sure they relate well to the theme you are going for). The site has a nice techy look and feel to it - which I like - but again, if you are going for greek mythology theme, this type of design is not really working for it.

    Overall, the site reminds me of a hosting site - it's techy, and just has that feel - at least the top portion (since below that is the forums). It looks good, and I like it - I just don't think it fits the theme you are going for (greek mythology). I would expect more columns, more stone/earthen color tones, blood spatter, etc - hehe.

    Anyway, good luck with the forums
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    good luck

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    Planewalker, I am loosely theming it around greek mythology . So basically just the idea of having the names, etc.. I don't want the discussion to be solely greek mythology because that really does make the options smaller.

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    Odd thing is I edited my post to mention 'I understood you said "loosely", but I thought it still applied' -- however, I'm not seeing the edit now.

    Anyway, I understand not wanting to have the discussions narrowed down to only greek mythology - but to that I would say you might have considered a different name then (and logo and icons).

    Again, I like the site, all I'm saying is that the site seems like a mix of a tech-like theme with greek mythology dropped in as icons - the two don't mesh well together as they currently are - it seems like it might have been a mistake or something - hard to explain, but that's just my opinion.

    That aside, it's nice, clean, and attractive - good job.
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