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    Flaio Website - A new CMS needs testers!

    Hey everyone,

    This is one job that anyone is equipped for. All you need is basic knowledge of HTML and a little bit of time. I am here to request people to help test my new PHP script, entitled "Flaio Website". I have posted here before, but now the first testing releases of FW have been released so I wanted to remind everyone. Flaio Website is a content management system that is totally customizable. Unlinke portals, it allows for complete flexibleness in terms of design and what you can include in a page. Because it is still in development, I am in need of people to test my script and provide some feedback on suggestions for features as well as report any bugs in our custom-made (by me) bug tracker.

    Because this does take time and we would like our testers to be compensated in some way, I am giving 50% off FW when it is released, plus the option for you to join our support staff with pay when FW finally releases to the public (sometime in August-September). So, I would like 20-30 people to test FW. The only requirements are that you fill out this form: and register on our bug tracker so that you can report bugs. I need any testers who would like to test to fill out that form by July 4th, and on July 5th I plan to send out the email with the link to the download.

    Thanks for your interest,
    Daniel Allen

    (You don't need to respond to this post or send me a private message, just fill out the form).

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    your signup form is messed up when viewing in IE. Looks fine in firefox

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    Thanks for telling me, i'm going to go and fix that.

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    I noticed on your testing page: "All testers will get a large discount on the release of FW, so be sure to sign up."

    So if we are a particularly helpful tester, can we get the final version for free?
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    Depending on how particularly you are helpful, I could possibly see getting it free (no guarantees, but it's definetely a possibility).

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    free would definitely make more sense
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