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    Advertise on forum hosting service - no rotation - 27,000+ visits, 845,000+ hits - $4 - Free forum & blog service Advertising

    I'm offering textlink ads on - a service that provides forums and blogs.


    phpBB Service Statistics (our most popular service): (17,610 visits, 492,590 hits for June)

    IPB Service Statistics: 5,406 visits, 312,413 hits for June

    Blog Service Statistics: 1,918 visits, 12,738 hits for June

    Main Site Statistics: 2,430 visits, 28,845 hits for June

    Example Hosted Sites: phpBB Example Forum | Invision Board Example Forum | Example Blog


    Top Textlink - Textlink ads are placed at the TOP of each forum/blog/main website

    $10/month OR $24/quarter ($8/month)

    Bottom Textlink - Textlink ads are placed at the BOTTOM of each forum/blog/main website

    $5/month OR $12/quarter ($4/month)

    Other Info

    The link is just a simple textlink - no tracking, no description etc. There are no guarantees associated with the purchase. Textlinks can be maximum 30 characters long.

    There is absolutely no rotation on any of our textlinks!

    Please contact me via email pcpowerplay [at] gmail dot com or via PM (email preferred). Please include the title of the link and where you want it to link to (eg. Link:, Title: Google).

    Payment via Paypal (paypal address pcpowerplay [at] gmail dot com).

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    Any average CTR ?

    Do you have any stats in AWStats?
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    I'm interested. but would like to know the same thing that tony wants.

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    Definately interested. Although would like more specific stats and CTR's

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    Sorry, I can't provide CTR's because there is no tracking for the textlinks.

    However, here are the awstats for June 2005 for my phpBB service:

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