Well I have a very annoying problem that just wont go away.

I have apache 2.0.54 and php 4.3.11 (module) and about 400+ virtual hosts all with an access and error log directive.

Now, if i create a test.php and test.txt file chmoding and chowning them correctly for two different virtual hosts and get the test.php to use fwrite to output a simple line of text it works on the first one but not the second. Same server, same virtual host settings, etc.

Now, ive found out that there are file descriptor limits and this maybe the problem. The only thing i dont know is how to check them :-(

Can someone help me to figure out if apache is running out?

Also for reference I think this is the problem:

The number of file descriptors required exceeds the hard limit.

quoted from http://www.onlineinsider.com/manual/...tual-host.html

please help