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    * Coming Soon to Internet Explorer: Microsoft Spyware!

    If you can make money on it, Microsoft gets involved.

    I bet ya they remove GATOR from thier spyware defs

    Microsoft to buy GATOR

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    I bet you the gator founder creates another spyware company.
    Kerry Jones

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    It's customary for the buyer make the seller sign a non-compete. But my understanding is that in California these are never enforced. Maybe somebody with a legal background can lend a hand to this thread.
    If you have to operate your company behind the scenes or under a fake name, maybe it's time to leave the industry and start something fresh.

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    Mike there are some discussions going on at regarding this.
    If you donít like the road youíre walking on, start paving a new one.

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