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    Who has the most accurate trip tome: Google, MapQuest, Yahoo?

    I'm planning a summer road trip and get very different time results for basically the same path:

    Google - 4 hours 55 minutes
    Yahoo - 4 hours 28 minutes
    MapQuest - 3 hours 49 minutes

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    I've found MapQuest overly optimistic, and Google to be a bit more conservative. In my opinion Google's is more accurate.

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    I guess as everyone goes at different speeds it depends what they have based it on...

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    I think that Yahoo assumes that you always travel at the speed limit of the road.

    Chances are, you're going to speed (at least a little), but that is compensated by the time youre going below the limit (ie at intersections, or what have you)

    I find yahoo to be pretty good.
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    Personally I say go with MapQuest. The reason I say that is because I was taking a 1 hour trip to the other side of my state and Google maps gave me all back roads. All of these back roads got me so lost (I'll admit, half my fault) that it took me 4 and a half hours to even get close. If I see "bear right" I'm just going to rip up the paper.

    Example from my trip:

    "Turn left at MD-97 S - go 0.6 mi
    Bear right at MD-97 - go 6.5 mi"

    There is no bear right really, because once you turn left you're on 97. The bear right is literally a straight away that goes a tad bit to the right (when I say tad bit, I didn't even see that until I looked at the zoomed in version on the map)

    Then I did MapQuest and found that it's only 5 exits on straight highway, and never looked back

    Basically what I'm trying to say, if you do Google maps, click on the "bear right" and "bear lefts" so you actually see what it is. Sometimes you do bear right or left.. others ... you just keep going straight

    Hope this helps.
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  6. I have never used Google and mapquest
    I use Yahoo exclusively and so far its been very accurate in terms of timing.
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    I used Mapquest yesterday to help me with directions to a store that can unlock my phone. It said that the totalt ravel time was 30 minutes and distance was 16 miles. I actually reset my meter on my car to see the distance. When I got home, I had riven 32 miles, 16miles there and 16 miles back and it did take me a good 30 minutes to get there.

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