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    Whats the difference between dedicated and shared?

    What is the difference between dedicated server and a shared hosting environment? I don't get it. I look at the prices for dedicated and a shared one, they are similar prices but that they have different megs and bandwidth to it thats all.

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    A dedicated server is an entire server to yourself, you will have administrative control over the server and you can do everything (almost) that you want on it. A Shared Hosting environment is one where your web host gets a dedicated server and crave up a small portion for you to use, you do not have administrative access and not as free to do what you want.

    Dedicated Servers priced at the low end usually are unmanaged and do not come with the software and management which shared hosting provides. What you are paying for a shared environment is managed service on a shared environment, something which a dedicated server would usually not have at that price plan. Shared Environment may come with backup services which a dedicated server plan don't.

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    Just out of curiosity.. where do you find hosts that provide shared and dedicated packages to the same price?

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