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    Get Advertised to over 10,000 People + 5,000 Daily!

    Some stats about the forum...

    Our members have made a total of 134720 posts
    We have 10739 registered members
    Most users ever online was 172 on May 1 2005, 11:09 PM

    More indepth stats:

    3,180 Members that post on the forums
    Over 6,000 on the opt in mailing list

    Additional Information: This includes a banner near the top of the page, advertisement on the shoutcast stream we provide (when anyone connects to the shoutcast server your 20 second ad is displayed).

    The shoutcast server gets about 5,000 Hits a day, with about 2,000 different IP addresses.

    We will work with you to fit your budget. We are not out to make mass money, just to get some assistance in paying our server fees.

    For more information you can contact me via PM, or 941-456-3164 and ask for Nick.
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