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    Post [PHP] Simple Affiliate Tracking Script Needed


    We're requesting a simple PHP script that accomplishes the following:

    • Signup Data Collection (Name, Email, etc.)
    • Referral Signup Tracking Capability (hidden field in signup form that picks up field in url such as 'index.php?ref=1234')
    • An administrator's interface that manually approves the accounts and manually issues the accounts a commission account number. (I'll look at the account request and type in the commission account number [such as 345455]).
    • An administrator's payment interface that allows the administrator to simply enter the commission account number and commission due.
    • A user's interface that allows the user to type in his username/password and view his commissions due and his referral bonuses (for signing up other affiliates).
    • A user's interface that displays his account status and commission account number in special link.
    • Very important: A secure design. Especially for the admin end.

    Please submit a link to your previous work (if any), your bid, and the estimated timeframe you can get this script completed.

    Please note we will offer 1.5x your bid amount in hosting services if you choose to have your payment in hosting dollars instead.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Why reinvent the wheel?

    Modernbill with IDevAffiliate does what you want it to do.
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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