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    47 Down???

    I couldnt access to my site ... it returns a 403 forbidden error ... but i can log in to my cpanel .... just dunno why .. their mainpage is ok ..

    I've checked that all website hosted under address gets a 403 error..

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    It's back up now. I have three little sites with them, all under that same IP address. One was down with this error for several hours today. The other two stayed up.

    Maybe they have two servers? This is only the third time I've ever had downtime with Cubic in close to a year... but it was a lot of downtime.

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    Due to some moderate Apache problems we did have some downtime on 6/30/05. This did not affect all of the sites on the server. The sites that had 403 Errors were back up and running within a few hours. Even with this downtime, we maintained 99.988% uptime during the month of June. We apologize for this downtime.

    Best regards,
    Travis Diffenderfer
    Cubic Hosting

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