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    Question About webhosting from home

    I want to know if I have strong PC in the house and 2 MB line then how many people can go in my site in the same time?
    I am hosting in Yahoo right now and I have over 100 members online all the time and its make the site very I think on few possibilities.


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    Your 2mbps line has a fixed IP ? If you have over 100 members online all the time I wouldn't consider hosting your web site at home! If it's growing, think of a serious web hosting solution or think about renting a dedicated server but the hosted at home solution is probably not a good one. Just my opinion.
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    In general, home connections have a great download but a poor - mediocre upload speed and when you are acting as a server, the upload speed is what matters, not to mention the fact that the provider generally prohibits you from running services from home.
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    Redundacy is another concern, and with 100's of users on at once, you're ISP is bound to notice (it's most likely against their TOS to act as a 'public internet server').
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    Hostingat home never seems to be the good idea mainly because of the speeds. I host my own site at my house well its only one of them that i do and i just use it for my self to send files arounf when i go to like school or friends places so thats realy about the only thing in my opiion that i would host off of a home server!

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    Running it from home is really extremely unreliable for a popular or business website. If you really care about the site you would pay money for hosting. Taking the cheap way out will lead to more problems down the line.

    I don't think I've found an ISP around my area that allows for hosting of servers.

    I have FIOS from verizon and it is against TOS to do so.

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    Thumbs up Thank you all

    Thank you all for the advice.

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