Hello everyone

I work for Verticity-an IT firm located in midtown New York in the Empire State Building. We have development centers throughout Southeast Asia allowing our clients to save a ton of money on their IT costs.


One program we have is the REMs Service.

Through REMS, you are able to interview individuals ("Consultants") that are right for your company/needs. The client works a minimum of forty (40) hours per week, develops projects with your specifications and reports directly to you. You are in contact with your consultant at all times. We also have on-site Verticity project managers who monitor each consultantís work progress and provide you with regular evaluations, updates and project reports.

The cost for this is around $2000/month ($2400 for senior developers).

We can also do contractual/per project work at around $15/hour.

We have a highly skilled staff with experience in:

Web Development
Software Development
Database Systems
Quality Assurance
Tech Writers
Data Entry
New Media/Graphics
Research Assistants
Administrative Assistants
Network Admin

Many web designers use our services because they can charge clients their prices (US prices) while paying us ours. So you can Save time and make $$ by outsourcing. So if you are a web designer with not too much experience in E-Commerce, SEO, and other coding work but would like to have that on your portfolio--we can help you out. We will sign any non-disclosure agreements.

We are the best at providing IT services for small/medium sized businesses as well.

See our business solutions: http://www.verticitysolutions.com

Shoot me an email: [email protected]

and I'll be able to send you some more information and show you resumes if you'd like (I have over 70 at the office).

Thanks for stopping by =P