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    Experiences with Waveform?

    I've been looking for colo, and I've been considering Waveform -- <>.

    They offer very appealing prices, such as $50/month for 1U and 300GB bandwidth, or $59/month for 1U and 1Mbps unmetered, but I'd like to see if anyone here has used them. Tera-Byte has been my first choice, and I've heard very good things about them, but Waveform is geographically closer to me and seems to offer better value for the price. Has anyone here colocated with Waveform?


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    I was looking at Wavform for colo as well. Did you find out what carriers they use and their reliability? I post my question on their website but haven't got an answer. I may try their dedicated server ($69/month) for a month before going colo with them.

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    You can get cheaper and better hosting just google it !

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    Cheaper may not be better. And better is usually not cheaper. Cheaper and better is an illusion.
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    Oh - Waveform! They use Cogent and XO the last time I checked. We have a server linked to our IRC network that is colocated on the $50/month plan it is pretty stable. You won't go wrong choosing them.
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    Just curious - considering waveform and am wondering if you are still with them now a couple years later and still happy?

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