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    Cool Something for an UK resident ?

    Hello can somebody suggest any internet processing system for an UK resident.

    What is required :

    1. VPOS
    2. Processing limits : preferably none, but something around 50k a month.
    3. Joining or set-up fees : up-to 1k.

    Please no offers, that require an US bank openning.

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    Somebody can suggest anything ?

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    Barclay's and Worldpay first come to mind actually. Is this high risk? Or mainstream?

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    worldpay, nochex, talk to your bank and get a proper merchant account ?
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    Bank of Scotland Business Account + works very well

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    I have both of those, and they have worked very well lately, altho i am changing to barclays due to lower fee's. but i do recommend rbs and velocity
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    Do they provide a Virtual Terminal ? Couldnt find the proper info at velocity ...

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