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    How much is $1,000,000 liability insurance in the US?

    Any idea roughly how much is $1,000,000 general liability insurance would be in the US?

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    I've been quoted as such:

    "Limit of Liability
    Each Loss
    $250,000 $1,806/yr
    $300,000 $2,028/yr
    $500,000 $2,223/yr
    $1M $2,779/yr

    This liability coverage is a professional liability policy designed for entities like yours who have an on-line business function engaging in :
    Dissemination of information using on-line technology and /or
    Performance of services using on-line technology"
    Kenneth R Taylor
    Inet7 Internet Serivces
    Web & Application Hosting Services

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    that is where i got the latest information for quotes. From my experience what Kenneth listed is close to what I was quoted. YMMV
    Hosting for all minds...

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