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    Talking Handy Banners - Bannner Design Company [AUCTION]

    Hey Everyone ( is officially for sale!

    Original Post

    The site has just finished its first year on the internet. When I started Handy Banners my goal was to become one of the leaders in online banner design.

    I am selling the business because I have no time to keep the site up as I am busy with other things now.

    Please take the time to view my website ( , check out the testimonials and contact the owners of their respective websites for further clarification if you need to.


    Age of site (months): 12

    Avg. monthly revenue: $300

    Revenue details:
    Orders are frequent with 1-5 orders each week coming in through previous promotion alone. Obviously you will be putting your time into promoting the product, where you can expect to receive several orders each day.

    The Revenue Stats.

    Avg. monthly pageviews: 2500

    Traffic details:
    Our business is well established; currently we average over 100 unique visitors every day without the need to advertise our product. When Handy Banners was advertising we generated around 150-300 uniques per day.

    Handy Banners was created to offer prestige quality banners at affordable prices.HandyBannrs was established 12 months ago in June of 2004 and has been operational since then

    Is an auction? Yes

    Buy Now Price: $2500

    Auction ends: July 27, 2005

    Google PageRank: 2

    P.S: The Current Highest Bid is $450


    If you have any questions please contact email at [email protected] or just pm me

    And Good Luck

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    UPDATE:: Current Highest Bid is Now $500

    Good Luck Everyone

    And here are revenue stats.

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    UPDATE:: Current Highest Bid is $525 @ NamePros

    Good Luck

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    New Update:: The current highest bid is $550 @ SitePoint

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