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    Phoenix police chase

    I've been watching a live Phoenix police chase on TV - after a Toyota Tundra (?) pickup stolen from a dealer's lot.
    No police cars in the helicopter video but the helicopter followed the truck (travelling at normal speed) to the Phoenix airport. The helicopter lost sight of the truck at the terminal and I thought the 'suspect' had wisely disappeared into the crowds - but 10 minutes later the helicopter picked up the truck on the taxiway overtaking about 7 airplanes. It crashed thru a chain link gate (gate embedden on front of truck) and was stopped & surrounded when it tried & failed to run thru a chain link fence - detaching about 7 sections .
    So much for tight airport security - which will likely become the focus of investigation & news stories.

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    Sounds pretty crazy. I've seen a few videos similar to this on television before. I wonder if this will air on the news up here, would be interested in seeing it.

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    Idiots are idiots. Idiots steal things. Idiots get busted by doing idiotic things afterward.

    At least he didn't hurt anyone else.
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    Well good news no body was hurt bad news truck was destroyed good new idiot caught lol

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    I am sure you would be able to do the same thing at 99.9% of the airports around the world.

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