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    Question My server hacked or not, rkhunter log...

    Here I`ll paste few lines from rkhunter log:
    Checking binaries
    * Selftests
    Strings (command) [ BAD ]

    Rootkit Hunter found some bad or unknown hashes. This can be happen due replaced
    binaries or updated packages (which give other hashes). Be sure your hashes are
    fully updated (rkhunter --update). If you're in doubt about these hashes, contact
    the author (fill in the contact form).

    * Suspicious files and malware
    Scanning for known rootkit strings [ BAD ]
    Warning: Found unexpected strings in some files! See logfile for more details

    Result rc.d files check [ Warning! (found unusual things) ]

    This is all, what you think?? My server hacked or... can this be because now I use CentOS 3.5 (OS auto upgraded)??


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    post/attach the rkhunter.log
    what OS are you using?

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    Does it have the correct release rpm?

    what does

    cat /etc/redhat-release say?

    if it says 3.5... I am going to have to say you are more then likey rooted because otherwise it would say unsupported os if it was rkhunter not having updates since centos 3.5 hasent really had any updates
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    I back to old kernel (2.4) and all work fine something is not good with new kernel (2.6)....

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