I'm reposting this as I have not yet found anyone.

I currently have a 2nd hosting venture that has been in the works for the past few months. It has a few clients currently, but I'm looking to grow this more.

So, I am looking for an individual who would become an active partner in this venture. Since almost all expenses are covered by me, this will be a good venture for someone with sales/marketing experience.

- Must be willing to put in time (unpaid at first until the cashflow is coming through on a steady basis).
- Must be willing to stick this out. I've had several people in the past try to partner/work with me, and they've all dissappeared.
- I want someone who I can let loose and run with it. I don't have much time that I can put in, but I have this sitting here, I'm funding it, and I want someone who can make it flourish.
- Must be willing to meet (in person, or via phone, or via IM) on a weekly basis to discuss the status of things.
- Must not be currently working for another hosting company, OR be willing to leave that hosting company.
- Must be 18 years of age or older, and a High School Graduate. (Preference is given to college education)

Unlike my previous posting for employment, I'm not requiring someone local. However, I would rather have someone domestic (US Based) just for ease in communication. But I am open to having an international partner in this.

Here's the catch though. I want a partner who is able to read, and follow directions. So I am ONLY going to respond to emails WITH attached Resume. In the email please detail for me:
-who you are
-what your qualifications are (ie education, experience)
-what strengths you would bring to the partnership (A MUST)
-what weaknesses you would bring to the partnership (A MUST)

Email me at: aarona [at] utaria.net

I will not respond to additional posts/questions in this thread. I will not respond to queries via AIM/MSN/PM And I will not respond to queries via email unless they meet the above requirements.

If you can't follow these simple directions, then I don't want to partner with you

Details about the venture:
-Hosting site established in January/Februay 2005
-Uses H-Sphere control-panel
-Currently has paying customers

Once I choose a partner to help with this venture, we will discuss options, create a vision for it, and set goals. I am open to changing things, including the plans, prices, etc. The monetary benefit for the partner will be a 50/50 split of anything left over after expenses.