Peer 1 Network is pleased to announce that we have a Content Delivery Network called Rapid Edge.

Replace your customer frustration with improved user experience, faster transactions and added security.
This service comes in at a fraction of the price offered by most content delivery networks. Peer 1 can have your content Rapid Edge-enabled in less than an hour, no matter where your origin site is located.
Using Rapid Edge only requires a simple DNS entry.


Rapid Edge is a caching system that works to direct your customer to the closest Rapid Edge node. Once there, a Rapid Edge Cache delivers your content to the end user much faster than it could be retrieved form your origin site. With On-Demand Propagation, data from your origin site is pushed out to all locations ONLY when it is requested from a particular geographic location. This results in performance and cost savings.

Peer 1 has Rapid Edge nodes in two continents, three Countries and ten major city centers around the world.
We are continuously growing our network to enable business like yours to serve millions of internet users quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

For a free trial please call me (Joe Cooper) at
212-742-1245 or send me an email at
[email protected] for your 30-Day Free Trial Offer with no Obligation.