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    PHP Web Hosting without Safe Mode and with Exec()

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in need for one of my customer to find a good reliable web hosting for PHP.

    The problem is that the script we have to put there require both to allow file upload (~1Mb size) and execution of grep shell command from within the php script for searching text in the files stored in a directory.

    Someone here can suggest me a good web hosting which allow this features ?


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    Safe mode? Most web hosting company without safe mode i think, and which always allow ~1MB file upload. You can check the offer forum to find a good host i think.

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    The problem with the requirement to execute shell commands is that many hosts disable it for security purposes, so that there is less of a chance of sites being hacked into and shell commands being executed. I'd suggest looking around and contacting the sales department of any hosts you are interested in. the first two requirements shouldn't be hard to find.

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    The host can simply put a custom php.ini file in your home dir to have it allow exec & safe mode off.

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    Originally posted by elix
    The host can simply put a custom php.ini file in your home dir to have it allow exec & safe mode off.
    That's what I would have done, the php.ini would overide the global settings.

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    Some hosts lock you out from using a custom php.ini or .htaccess.

    give the shell_exec() function a try i have seen hosts disable the exec() but not the shell_exec().. Don't ask me why but i've seen it. Also php's default upload size is 2mb so your 1 mb files should upload just fine.

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